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The design of a web page focused on the industry should not be thought lightly, because your website is the basis for your company's online presence. But why is it important?

According to the survey on the industrial sales cycle for engineers and professionals, the three most used sources for the search for products and services are:

1. Display search engines

2. The providers’ websites

3. Online catalogs.

The survey also found that, in the early stages of the purchase cycle, the need awareness and research phase, industrial professionals use a variety of online information sources.

By the time that buyers reach the final phase of the purchase cycle, which is to provide themselves with the product, suppliers' websites and online catalogs become the most important sources of information. Check out this graph of the IHS Engineering 360 Purchase Cycle survey.

Nowadays it is always recommended that the web has a responsive design, that is, that it is multi-device. However, these types of pages tend to have more traffic from PCs and desktop computers, as they are consulted from offices and offices.

Positioning in industry search engines

We must analyze the industrial sector to which the company is engaged and analyze its online competitors. After this, a feasibility study is carried out and if there are options, the method and mode of action is explained to the client so that he understands the benefits of search engine optimization, which basically consists of capturing new clients through the web thanks to occupying privileged positions in the search results by terms related to the company's business.

A B2B website is a powerful tool for the industrial company, it offers many options both to display the products in a catalog and to make the sale online, so it is necessary to make a website with certain characteristics.

In fact, there is a big difference between a redesign that is an aesthetic face wash and one that is efficient and effective in increasing brand awareness, attracting the right traffic and generating qualified prospects that your sales team will appreciate because they have a choice Above average to become profits.

A web designer or contracted web development company cannot create an effective delivery system unless they have the experience and knowledge to understand complex industrial sales with long sales cycles that involve many interested parties. Websites designed for optimal lead generation require expert planning, paying attention to many details and first-hand knowledge of what engineers and technical buyers want to see on your website. This is why you will see a great variation in the redesign costs.

With all this at stake, it is crucial first to develop an effective content marketing strategy, which aligns correctly with your sales processes, before immersing yourself in the design of an industrial web page.

If you want your web design to be effective, contact Wagner now, we are specialized in creating web pages for companies that sell technology for the industry, complex products, and engineering services.




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