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Wagner Consulting International provides comprehensive Igbo translation services to clients from various market sectors ranging from corporate and public sector to government and legal. We translate all kinds of text, be in the form of a book, website, or a document. Our translators boast proficiency over more than 100 languages. Whether its Igbo to English translation, English to Igbo, or a combination of any other language to and from Igbo, we will get the job done.

A Little About Igbo

Igbo is considered one of the most diverse languages spoken in Africa, mainly Nigeria. It is spoken by nearly 20 million people in Nigeria, where it is the official language, and more than 4 million people around the globe. Igbo has more than 20 different dialects and that is what makes it a complex language for translators. Igbo translators require extensive expertise and command on proper usage of the language. That is exactly what our professional Igbo translators promise.

Why Us?

Understanding the complexity of diverse languages such as Igbo, Wagner Consulting International hires only the most highly qualified linguists who understand the basics of both the languages. We not only provide exceptional English to Igbo and Igbo to English translation, we master the combination of Igbo with more than 100 different languages including French, German, and Arabic.


Moreover, we are well aware of the specific industry and sector related requirements of our clients. Our translators never miss the context or meaning of the original text. The final draft is made flawless through extensive proofreading and editing done by experts.