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Wagner Consulting International is the leading provider of high quality Xhosa translation services. Xhosa is one of the official languages of South Africa and is an essential tool for businesses expanding outreach in the region. While we mainly focus on corporate clients and businesses, we also offer our services to public sectors, legal clients, academic institutes, or individuals with personal Xhosa translation requirements.

A little About Xhosa

Xhosa is one of the many languages considered the official languages of South Africa. It is the language of the Xhosa people and is quite similar to the Zulu languages due to the ties between the two groups. It is spoken by nearly 18 percent of the population in the country. That approximates to around 7.6 million people. Xhosa, like most South African languages with Bantu roots, is also a tonal language. It has several clicks and tones, and is written in Latin alphabets. Appropriate and professional translation requires in-depth understanding of how Xhosa relates to the source language or the language it is to be translated into. That is the reason; it takes a proper and qualified linguist to be a professional Xhosa translator.

Why Us?

At Wagner Consulting International, we always differentiate our services on the basis of quality and value. In order to ensure the best quality, we only work with qualified and experienced Xhosa linguists who understand the importance of preserving the context. In order to offer value, we promise the best rates and the shortest turnaround time.

Moreover, we have command over more than 100 different languages spoken across the globe. So whether its Xhosa to English, or French to Xhosa, Wagner Consulting International is your best bet.